Kraemer Kup 2023 - Rules


Kraemer Kup 2023 Rules

Check-in – ALL Teams

Rosters must be completed by August 11th, 2023 at 12pm. The team representative must pick up their team rep bag 60 min prior to the team’s 1st game at the tournament tent on August 12th, 2023. The NMSSA staff will assist teams and players with the new Demosphere 2.0 app to pull up their player passcards. There will be no physical passcards used to check-in. Team reps should have access to all their players on their roster. 



All players must be rostered by Midnight on August 11th, 2023. The tournament staff will provide team rosters to the referees for each game. The Roster will be used for team check in by the referees prior to each game. Team reps are not responsible for providing rosters for their games.


All team coaches or team representatives, even if not players, must be registered with NMSSA .



Coed  (7 v 7)

Please see attached Coed 7 v 7 Game Rules

You are entitled to 16 registered players. All players are required to be rostered prior to the start of the tournament. All players must be born on 08/12/2005 or prior to be eligible to play in the Adult tournament.

Teams must have a minimum of five (5) players at game time. No more than three (3) of the five (5) total field players can be male players. Game time will not be held up until additional players arrive. If you have five (5) players at game time, the game starts.


Women’s (7v7)

Please see attached Women’s 7 v7 Game Rules

You are entitled to 16 registered players. All players are required to be rostered prior to the start of the tournament. All players must be born on 08/12/2005 or prior to be eligible to play in the Adult tournament.

Teams must have a minimum of five (5) players at game time.  Game time will not be held up until additional players arrive.  If you have five (5) players at game time, the game starts.



All players, except for the goalkeeper, must wear a jersey of the same color.  All numbers must be permanently affixed to the jersey, taped on numbers will not be accepted. The jerseys do not have to be of the same style.  No two players of one team may wear the same number.

In the event jersey colors clash, the home team, as identified in the bracket detail, must change jerseys.  If you don’t have alternate jerseys, you need to come to the tournament staff to pick-up pinnies. If you don’t pick them up by game time, your team forfeits the game. 


Every player must have shin guards; socks must cover shin guards. Appliances such as knee braces must be worn in such a way that they do not pose a threat of injury to other players. Casts will be allowed at the discretion of the referee. Jewelry must be removed prior to play. 


Game time and format

Game time is forfeit time.  If your team is not dressed, checked in, and ready to play at game time, you forfeit.  If you forfeit a game, your team is fined $ 50.  If you wish not to play consolation games, you are required to advise the tournament staff immediately after the game you lost and the opposing team to avoid a $ 50 fine.


All games will be played with free substitution rules.  Substitutes shall only be made with the permission of the referee and must be made at the center of the field. Players may be substituted during the following times: goal kick, throw-ins on their possession, after a goal is scored, and kick off. Both sides may substitute for an injured player. 


No substitutions shall be allowed during the taking of kicks from penalty mark in tiebreakers.

Tie games in qualifying round games shall stand with no extra time played.


Coed: All games, will play two (2) twenty five  (25) minute halves.  


All teams will play a round robin format within the bracket group (3 games), each team will play each other once within their bracket group to determine standings.


After group play teams will be seated by the following criteria: 


Standings for qualifying round play shall be based on teams being awarded nine (9) points for a victory, three (3) points for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss.  An additional bonus point shall be awarded a team who holds their opponents to zero goals in a game (including scoreless tie games).  Forfeits shall be entered as a 3-0 score. At the end of qualifying round play, a winner and runner-up shall be determined in each bracket in the following order:


A. Greatest Points Total; if tied, then

B. Head-to-head Result; if tied, then

C. Greatest Goal difference (goals scored less goals allowed); if tied, then

D. Least Goals Allowed.

E. Least Cards (Yellow cards +1, Red cards +3)


If the tie being broken is to determine the order of teams who have already assured themselves of a place in the first or third place games, the tie will be broken with a coin toss.  If the tie being broken is to determine whether a team will advance to the championship rounds, the tie will be broken by the tied teams employing the FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark method.  


Three way or more ties will be broken first.  The remaining teams will restart tie breaking procedures from item A.


In the event that the Championship game ends in a tie, two (2) ten minute (10) halves will be played with no golden goal rule. If the teams are still tied after the extra time allotted, the winner will be determined by 5 penalty kicks for each team. Teams must use 5 of the players from the field to take the penalty kicks. A benched player cannot take the penalty kicks. 


If any games are not to be played due to weather conditions that do not permit continuance of competition, these games may be declared canceled by the Tournament Director after consolation with representative team coaches. Should cancellation occur, the "highest" remaining "seeded" team in the respective division will automatically be declared the "Champion" and the "2nd highest seed" remaining as the "Runner-up.”


Ejections, cautions, etc.

If an ejection is given (red card) to a player, the player must immediately leave the field of play including the spectator area. Ejected players may wait in their car or in the parking lot. 


Ejections, fighting and referee assault will draw fines and suspensions as follows:


Red Cards are given for the following reasons, as defined by the Laws of the Game:

  • $10 fine and 1 game suspension. Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by a handball offense (except a goalkeeper within their penalty area)

  • $10 fine and 1 game suspension. Denying a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent whose overall movement is towards the offender’s goal by an offense punishable by a free-kick

  • $25 fine and 1 game suspension. Serious foul play*

  • $100 fine and the remainder of the tournament. Biting or spitting at someone

  • $100 fine and 1 year suspension. Violent conduct

  • $10 fine and 1 game suspension. Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures

  • $10 fine and sitting the rest of that game. Receiving a second caution(yellow card) in the same game

*Serious Foul Play -  A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality. The Laws of the Game also say that any player who lunges at another player from the front, side, or behind using “excessive force” or risks the safety of their opponent is guilty of serious foul play and must receive a red card.

Yellow Cards are given for the following reasons, as defined by the Laws of the Game:

  • Unsporting behavior

  • Dissent

  • Persistent infringement

  • Delaying the restart of play

  • Failure to respect the required distance

  • Entering or re-entering the field of play without referees permission

  • Leaving the field of play without referees permission


*Yellow cards can also be handed out as a result of accumulation of small fouls committed after repeated verbal warning from the referee.


3 yellow cards during the tournament = 1 game suspension 

2 yellow cards in one game= Red card ($10 fine and the remainder of that game.) 


If a player is sent off from the final Kraemer Kup game, in which that player’s team participates, that player shall be suspended from the next scheduled league or NMSSA game in which that player is eligible to participate. The tournament director will keep the player information on a running list to prevent future registration. 


Teams are responsible for the behavior of their coaches, fans and spectators. NMSSA will regulate behaviors and actions of all guests during the tournament. In the event that actions need to be taken by NMSSA staff to remove offending guests, games will be suspended until the situation is rectified. If games are suspended due to the behavior of coaches, players or spectators, games and offenders are not cooperative, games will be forfeited by the offending team and further sanctions may be imposed by NMSSA. A $500 bond will apply against the team in future tournament registrations. A $100 fine will be applied if teams do not clean up their trash, destroy tournament property, or vandalize the rented facilities. 



Protests may be filed with the tournament staff.  Protests must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a $50 protest fee.  Protests will be decided by the tournament staff.  If a protest is upheld, the protest fee will be returned to the protesting team.  If the protest is denied, the $ 50 protest fee will be retained by NMSSA.  Protests will not be accepted regarding judgment calls of the referee.  Protests regarding red cards will be decided by NMSSA staff on the spot. If you are a player in a NMSSA affiliated league the outcome may affect future league play. Red card status will be submitted to the league operator. IF a player is not affiliated with a NMSSA league, their red card status will apply to future NMSSA tournaments. 


All situations not specifically dealt with in these rules will be resolved by the tournament staff.  The purpose of the tournament is to provide a clean and safe competition and to provide people with an enjoyable experience.  People, spectators, and teams who seek to provide an experience other than a safe and clean competition will be asked to leave.  Suggestions for improvement are welcome.  


To the extent an injustice is done, the tournament staff will seek a fair resolution to avoid such injustice.  Players who are sent off from a game have not, by definition, suffered an injustice.